Cricket Rap Song Lyrics | Telugu Song From Dasara

Cricket Rap Song Lyrics | Telugu Song From Dasara (2023): The spotlight on ‘Cricket Rap,’ an enthralling Telugu song featured in the upcoming movie ‘Dasara.’ This musical marvel is a collaborative effort between the talented singers Santhosh Narayanan and Shan Vincent de Paul, who infuse the track with their unique vocal flair.

Cricket Rap Song Info:

Cricket Rap Lyrics Telugu Song From Dasara
Movie:Dasara | దసరా
Song Title:Cricket Rap | క్రికెట్ రాప్
Singer:Santhosh Narayanan & Shan Vincent de Paul
Telugu Lyrics:Kasarla Shyam
English Lyrics:Shan Vincent de Paul (SVDP) | షాన్ విన్సెంట్ డి పాల్ (ఎస్వీడిపి)
Music / Composer:Santhosh Narayanan
Casting::Nani, Keerthy Suresh & Others
Songs Genre:Rap, Hip-Pop Music, South Song, Telugu Song
Director:Srikanth Odela
Producer:Sudhakar Cherukuri
DOP:Sathyan Sooryan ISC
Choreographer:Prem Rakshith
Released Date:13th Apr 2023
Music Label:Saregama India Limited, A RPSG Group Company

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తెలుగు (Telugu)

Cricket Rap Song Lyrics in Telugu

తెలుగులో క్రికెట్ రాప్ సాంగ్ లిరిక్స్

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రచన :– కాసర్ల శ్యామ్ & ఎస్వీడిపి


Cricket Rap Song Lyrics in English

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Written By:– Kasarla Shyam & SVDP

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Cricket Rap Song Official Video

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